AMDGroup một tập thể vững mạnh
Founded in 2007, when the Vietnamese economy was struggling to move on from small scaled businesses to those with more depth and greater scales, AMD Group focuses on providing services such as training, consultation and management research. By combining world-class management technologies with Vietnamese conditions, AMD's solutions have helped clients to stay strong and grow steadily during turbulent times.
By helping clients to grow, AMD Group is also strengthening its position on the market. The Group's young and enthusiastic leaders always manage to identify investment opportunities to turn AMD Group into a multi-sector investment corporation with large-scale projects and reputation brand names both inside and outside of Vietnam. 
AMD Group focuses on the following main activities:
  • Mineral mining and processing
  • Hi-tech investment
  • Consultation - Training - Research
  • Equipment trading and Commercial services
  • Eco-tourism and entertainment services

The direction for AMD Group is the use of state-of-the-art technology and management tools in order to provide clients with innovative services and products, most suitable, effective and economical. AMD Group uses a sustainable development strategy on the basis of capital control, risk reduction and legal compliance to ensure a sustainable growth.
In addition, AMD Group always cares about the human factor and considers it the most valuable one for a business's development. The Group keeps recruiting and training a capable human resource who are both passionate and ethical. 
With the purpose of maximize benefits for clients, AMD Group never stops working hard to bring the best products and services to clients, strengthening its brand both inside and outside of Vietnam.